Vision and Purpose

Innovation is crucial in today's competitive landscape. To nurture talent, we must create learning environments in which there is creative tension between a shared vision (stability) and open-ended risk taking (instability). From these environments, top students will emerge who can innovate from chaos.

These students will generate long-term value through the development of distinctive products; they will be instrumental in the creation of the next generation of strategic businesses as they contribute with disruptive, breakthrough innovation leadership.


Miami College of Design was created to support the future leaders in design and innovation. Our students interact with design principles in concert with the natural sciences, material sciences, computing, communications, and structural engineering.

Our mission is to prepare students to assume positions of influence and global leadership in industry and to be instrumental in the creation of the next generation of strategic, innovative, and entrepreneurial businesses.

Our objective is to create a learning environment in which students work side-by-side with leading-edge designers, immersed in professional practice, to create disruptions and, consequently, opportunities for innovation.

We seek to advance the integration of design, science, and engineering, exploring new approaches and solutions through experience design. We value active learning, exploration, creativity, breakthrough innovation, and the use of technology and applied design, all of which serve to advance the quality of the human experience.

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